Café 220 Grad

… but first, coffee! That’s definitely the motto of Café 220°. Probably the best Café in town, this charming little place is a true gem in the old city of Salzburg. With their own coffee roastery, these guys really know how to serve an excellent cup. No matter which kind of coffee is your favorite – I’m sure you’ll find it on their menu! We love going there for brunch on Saturdays, because their food is truly delicious as well. There’s always a special breakfast of the month, which is cool because it adds some variety to our usual breakfast orders. As much as I love trying new things, once I’ve found my favorite dish on a menu, I’m very loyal to it and keep ordering it again and again every time I’m there. So I’m actually very happy about the monthly special, because either Patrick or me are usually curious enough to try it. Talking about big adventures here, as you can tell 😉
Anyways, if you’re in Salzburg you should plan in a stop at Café 220°! Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee. If you plan on having breakfast there, I can highly recommend to book a table in advance. They only take reservations for the first round of guests when they open at 9am. Afterwards it’s all about first come, first serve. There’s only limited space and the place is very popular (especially on Saturdays) but it’s really worth it to wait for a table!


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