You rock my life was founded in 2016 as a personal life diary and little place to collect moments and snippets worth remembering. The girl behind You rock my life is Nina, a 26 year-old Austrian bon-vivant, who has a passion for beautiful things and social media. On her blog she writes about topics like fashion, travels, beauty, food and her dog Maxi. With her blog she wants to inspire people and encourage them to see the beauty of every day things.

Nina grew up in several countries across Europe – from the UK, over Germany to beautiful Austria. After finishing high school she moved to Vienna to persue a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, she traveled the world and worked for Formula 1 for a year. Now she lives in Salzburg, which is also where she started writing You rock my life.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nina HERE


Nina Wrodnigg , Blogger, You rock my life