The Acne Canada Wool Scarf: A Swedish Pop Of Color

Do you remember the days when all your clothes were colorful and you wore red with pink and a pop of yellow on top? I guess if you were born in the 90s you do, because I believe monochrome grey and beige clothes for kids did not exist back then.  However, at some point in my life, I somehow transferred my wardrobe selection to mostly black, grey, beige and white. I don’t know why this happened. Probably Pinterest made me do it.

But let’s be honest: Those colors are classic and simple and they give you endless possibilities to combine things. But then there came a moment, right in front of the giant mirror at the ACNE Flagship store in Stockholm, when I had to look myself in the eye and said “enough is enough”.

Determined as I am, I was marching into the store asking for their famous Canada Wool Scarfs I’ve been eyeing the past two years. The girl in the store was super cute and asked me which of the 14 (!) colors the scarf comes in I’d like to see. Naturally, I said any greys and beiges there are.

The girl came back with a pile of scarfs, ranging from off-white to dark grey, and then there was this kind of pinkish color that caught my eye immediately, but which I ignored at the beginning.

So there I was: Trying on all these scarfs in beige and grey, with which I had mentally put outfits together already. Stepping out of the dressing room, I had a different color wrapped around my neck every time to show Patrick. In the process of speed dating those ACNE scarfs, I realized that “classic” does not always mean good. Sometimes, classic simply means boring. So I wrapped that pinkish scarf around my neck, stepped out of the changing room and announced that I had found my winner: The pink scarf it was. One small step for mankind, one giant leap for me.

Right in that moment I was already thinking how it would go equally well with my beige jumpers, or with jeans, or with a black jacket, and rosé colored lips… Definitely the best Stockholm souvenir I could have brought back home for myself.

If you’re still unsure what to put on your Christmas wishlist, I’ve gathered some amazing rosé colored scarfs below: