April Weather

April is one of the months that’s most unreliable when it comes to weather. One day it almost feels like summer and you can run around with short sleeves, and the next day you’re considering to take out your winter jacket again. Sometimes even snow makes an appearance in April, but let’s hope we are spared from that this year. The only way to be on top of April weather is to wear layers. That way you’re prepared for any occasion and won’t have the weather spoil your mood. My favorite go-to piece for said layers is a chunky knit coat I bought a couple of years ago during summer sale. I don’t know how many times I’ve worn the coat already, but it still makes me feel so comfy every I wrap myself into it. I’ve also been asked about this coat so often already, but never really managed to find anything similar to it to show you guys to shop. I’ll continue to keep my eyes open for it though… Combined with leather leggings and a silk blouse, this outfit also works for those warmer hours during the day. Add a raincoat and a hat and you’re good to go. I’m obviously an April’s fool because I’m wearing leather boots on days with high probability of rain, but what can I say: I have to confess I’ve been living in these shoes lately, because they just make me so happy. (I always have a pair of rain boots in my car for those walks with Maxi though.)
I hope you’re all ready for a long weekend with your families – happy Easter everyone! ♥

Aritzia – vegan leather pants (similar here) // Zara – coat (very old, similar here) // Zoe Karssen – silk blouse (hand-down from Vicky, similar here) // Chloé – boots // YSL – bag