Outfit: Baby Blue meets Biker Boots

I’m not sure if I received a bang to my head that could have caused this quite tremendous shift in color preferences, or if I’m not willing to let summer go just yet. Aside from being interested in crayons at Kindergarden, colors were never really my thing. And yet, during the last few months, everything colorful catches my eye. Especially blush and pastel colors are on my hit list at the moment and I almost can’t resist buying anything in baby blue or blush pink. And no, I’m not pregnant.

My loyalty to black, white and all shades of grey is firm, but I think the way we’re consuming fashion is very similar to consuming food: It’s nice to have a cheat day from time to time and eat something sugary and sweet. Hence, wear those colorful pieces! As already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of contrasts. I love mixing girly pieces with junky boots and rough leather jackets to give them a wild look.  No doubt my granny would be alarmed by the combination of  a baby blue dress and black biker boots, but at least this look does not include a crop top and  ripped jeans…

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ZARA – light blue dress and boots (old, but similar here and here)


VALENTINO – lock back

VERONIQUE – iPad case (highly recommended to check out their cool stuff!)

MASCHALINA – earrings