Biogena Food Supplements:
Why Are They So Important For Our Health?

The older I get, the more I realize the tremendous impact of nutrition and micronutrients on my body. Nutrition is a topic that has always interested me very much. And the more I read about different nutritional concepts and the  importance of micronutrients, the more I wanted to know. There’s a lot of information on nutrition out there, which can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Veganism, Paleo, low carb… what is truly healthy? I’m by no means a nutritional expert, but what I’ve found out for myself so far is that there’s much more to health than just following one specific diet. It’s understanding what your body needs. That’s where micronutrients come into play! To get a clear status quo about the micronutrient levels in my body, I was seeking for help at the Biogena Prevention Center  in Salzburg, which has been recommend to me by a friend.

Why I Take Biogena Food Supplements & Why Micronutriens are important for our health | You Rock My Life

First things first:

I scheduled an appointment at the Biogena Prevention Center to have my blood tested. The results came in quite quickly and I was invited to have my results explained by a doctor. To be honest – the results were quite shocking to me. For someone who considers herself a very healthy person with a very balanced diet, who does sports regularly, drinks lots of water and avoids fatty foods, alcohol and sweets, my results were a lot worse than I would have expected.

I remember how the doctor jokingly asked me how I am able to work and keep my eyes open, since according to my micronutrient level I must be sleepy all the time. Just right then when he said that, I realized that it’s entirely true: I was sleepy all the time and tried to make up for it with too many cups of coffee each day. At night I’d then usually be so hyped up by all the caffeine that it took me hours and lots of camomile & lavender tea to calm down. I knew something had to change…

At this appointment, the doctor prescribed me several supplements and also gave me an overview of foods that will support to fill up my micronutrient levels. Especially when adhering to a strictly plant based diet that eliminates some food that is crucial for our cells to function, it’s very important to be aware of the power of micronutrients.

Why I Take Biogena Food Supplements & Why Micronutriens are important for our health | You Rock My Life

Let the journey begin:

For the past 5 weeks I have been taking a mix of five different food supplements per day, tailored to my very personal needs by a doctor. I am very curious to see how my levels have changed at my check up appointment in two weeks. In terms of my personal assessment I can only say this much: I have never felt better, more vital and healthy in my life. Of course, the plant based nutrition I have been sticking to for the past weeks plays a huge role in this, too. But as always when it comes to health, it’s a holistic approach.

I still believe that eating a whole-food, high-quality diet with a number of vegetables, fruits, and protein is the very best approach to acquiring micronutrients. A balanced and healthy diet supplies us with nearly all the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need. However, science has shown that fruits and vegetables now contain much less nutrients than they did 40 years ago due to soil depletion, chemicals and over processing, which underlines the importance of proper supplementation with broad spectrum micronutrients. Furthermore, during special situations in life some people have a greater need for micronutrients. Especially when you cannot eat some foods due to intolerances or do not wish to do so (e.g. vegetarians or vegans). For example, since I’m lactose intolerant, I know that I have a lack of calcium and it is very difficult to get my required daily supply via my diet alone.

Micronutrients play an essential role in our wellness. Vitamins, antioxidants, and other food-derived chemicals protect our bodies against infection, slow the aging process, and help the human body function at an optimum level. Micronutrients have a special role in general wellbeing, and a lack thereof can seriously affect your health.

Why I Take Biogena Food Supplements & Why Micronutriens are important for our health | You Rock My Life


I gathered the most frequently asked questions about this topic for you:

Micronutrients are trace elements such as vitamins and minerals. They differ from macronutrients, like carbohydrates, protein and fat, because they are necessary only in very small amounts.

Micronutrients include minerals such as fluoride, selenium, sodium, iodine, copper and zinc, and vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. Because our body is not able to produce all vitamins and minerals, it obtains them from the nutrient-rich foods we eat.

Nutrient deficiencies impact many bodily functions including your skin health, immunity, energy levels, your ability to focus, and last but not least – stress. Being deficient in certain minerals and vitamins can also lead to numerous serious diseases, like anemia or osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, we live in times where soil depletion from intensive agricultural methods and pollution have a big impact on the nutritional value of our food. It is true that fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties we get today. Plus, our fast-food culture makes it even harder to meet our body’s nutritional needs every day – it’s so convenient to grab a sandwich on the go instead of cooking a healthy meal at home. This reason was also a big motivator for Patrick and me to change our diet at the beginning of this year, and eventually becoming vegan. As a matter of fact, right now Patrick is working together with his cousin who is a food scientist on an ideology called the “Nutritional Paradox” which explains how our broken food-system needs courage to make a drastic change in order to create healthier people and a healthier planet. It is such a vast topic but there are many ways to resolve these problems. The project is just in the beginning but I’m excited to share more about it with you soon.

If it’s in your interest to take care of your body by providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive, and if you’d like to get your micronutrient levels checked and talk to a micronutrients expert, I can highly recommend to visit one of the Biogena stores (you can find the nearest to you here). You can also browse the Biogena website for more valuable tips and insights about Micronutrients. 

Why I Take Biogena Food Supplements & Why Micronutriens are important for our health | You Rock My Life

I’m very happy about my partnership with Biogena, because they align with my own values – high-quality ingredients, transparency and sustainability.

Here are six good reasons why I chose Biogena:

Committed to health & science
Biogena wants to create, share and grow knowledge and pass on theirenthusiasm for health. They have the largest scientific team in the industry.

Passion creates quality
Biogena guarantees independent, uncompromising quality controls for every batch.

Environmentally friendly
Biogena’s value chain is characterized by ecological principles: Just a few highlights from the Biogena environmental program: they have the world’s first supplement eco-bottle in this sector, carbon neutrality and their very own “Biogena Forest” – growing steadily.

Good health for our planet
Biogena distributes their products, services and ideas worldwide, creating fantastic places for health and well-being. Biogena stores, prevention centres and licence partners represent the beginning of a long and exciting journey to better health for all.

Always one step ahead
It’s their mission to keep up with the latest scientific developments, while at the same time working to track down ancient knowledge. To achieve this, they are working closely with 9,000+ partner doctors and therapists who actively and sustainably network across the globe with top researchers, raw material manufacturers, diagnostic experts and universities.

Made in Austria
Biogena’s preparations are guaranteed to be pure – without food colorings, preservatives or processing aids. They are carefully optimised and produced directly in Austria.

Why I Take Biogena Food Supplements & Why Micronutriens are important for our health | You Rock My Life

I will keep you posted about my “micronutrients progress” and if you have any question about this topic, feel free to leave a note in the comment section.

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