Welcome to our Baby Room

I'm super excited to finally share more details about our baby room! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some glimpses already. Designing and decorating the nursery was one of the baby preparations I was most looking forward to. First of all, I love everything that has to do with interior, but mostly putting this room together made the whole baby thing SO real.
Baby Nursery:

Money Talk: How To Keep Track Of Your Finances

Money is a topic that affects all of us in some way and it's probably one of the most delicate ones to talk about. In Austria, talking about your own salary, asking for someone's income or even just asking about someone's rent is a no-go. People frown upon those questions. I honestly don't understand that behavior, because how are we supposed to learn how to deal with our finances if we can't even talk about them? I think it can be very helpful to find out how others approach the topic of spendings, budgets and savings.

Baby Clothing: What does a newborn wear?

Picking out baby clothes is definitely one of my favorite tasks on the to-do list to prepare for baby. But it turned out, it's also one of the trickiest. First of all, what does a newborn wear? How many clothes do you need for a baby? And last but not least, which size is the right one?
The Newborn Edit:

Baby Things: My Top 10 Picks

Even before being pregnant, I was always super excited to hear about all the baby products my mama-friends have been using for their little ones. So one of the tasks I was super excited about once I found out I was pregnant was diving into the world of baby things. Until I found out how overwhelming this world actually is... I'm sharing my Top 10 picks for baby today:
The Baby Edit:

My Favorite Pregnancy Books & Podcasts

I came across some pregnancy & parenthood books and podcasts that gave me a good feeling, and I think that is exactly what any kind of preparation for this new phase of life should do: Make you feel positive, prepared, even more excited about motherhood than you were before.