One Year Married.

Words cannot describe all the emotions, the love, the happiness, and the gratitude Patrick and I felt on that day. But this video sums it up quite well.
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Wedding Guide:
Wedding Make-Up Tips

Wanting to look like our most beautiful selves on our big day is something I believe every bride aims for. From simple masks to more invasive treatments, the options to ensure you look your best are endless.
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One of the big-ticket items when it comes to wedding planning are the invitations. Whilst some things can be left until the last minute, others do need to be checked off earlier on.
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Our Decoration

One of the things a lot of brides (understandably) stress out over is the décor of the wedding. However, we found that a few simple but well-placed items can make the biggest impact on your big day.
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Wedding Guide:
How to Prep Your Skin For Your Wedding Day

For the first time in what feels like forever, my skin is finally back to "normal" and I have the feeling it's balanced again. To give you an overview about the treatments that I had done - particularly with regard to my wedding -  I put together this blogpost for you.
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Wedding Guide:
What To Wear To A Wedding?

Summer is coming up and with it possibly one, two, or even more weddings to attend. Every year the search starts anew for the perfect wedding guest outfit, and I’ll admit that it can be a bit tricky to find the right thing to wear to such a beautiful occasion!
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