Five Things: For Better Sleep

Ask anyone in my family, my friends, colleagues, and they will all tell how much getting adequate rest means to me. As fas as I am concerned, sleeping is one my favorite things to do. Although I pride myself on being able to sleep almost everywhere and under the most uncomfortable circumstances (long-haul flight in Economy class with zero leg room? No problem!), I firmly believe that sleep quality highly depends on certain things.

5 Things: For Better Sleep - Blackroll Recovery Pillow | You Rock My Life

When Blackroll reached out to me and asked me about my sleep routine, I was very eager to share my tips with you here, because I believe that being able to get a good night’s sleep is the key to so many things! It’s important for your health, skin, sanity and overall well-being. Only when you’re well rested you have the ability to go through life with your full potential. We all know how moody we can be when we’re tired, right?

5 Things: For Better Sleep - Blackroll Recovery Pillow | You Rock My Life
5 Things: For Better Sleep - Blackroll Recovery Pillow | You Rock My Life

Sleep is so much more than just a time for your body and mind to rest. While we are asleep, our body is in fact hard at work. During the night, your body rebuilds muscles you’ve exercised during the day and it also cleans away harmful waste that is produced in the brain. These processes are vital to keep your mind and body running properly.

We all know we should be more conscious of the time we spend in front of our screens and make sure we live a well-balanced lifestyle – which sleep is a very vital part of. All of that sounds great in theory, but how to adapt it in real life, you wonder?

Whether it be from too much work, anxiety issues, change in your life, general insomnia or the classic midnight Instagram dark hole – here are my personal 5 sleeping tips I swear by to ensure I catch my beauty sleep no matter how crazy my day might have been:

  • Disengage: Find yourself an activity that allows you total disengagement from the day. This could be anything from a relaxing yoga flow, to a hot bath, meditation or simply listening to soothing music. For me, this is going for a 20-30 minute walk with Maxi every evening at 9pm. It’s my wind down period that allows me to evaluate the day. I try to think about all the things that didn’t go so well first, and then think about everything I was able to get done. Then, I gradually stop thinking about work and try to think some happy thoughts to end the day.
  • Dim the lights: To calm your mind and tell your body to relax, make sure the lights in your home are rather dimmed at night. To create a recreational atmosphere, I love lighting one of my favorite scented candles and only turn on as many lamps as really necessary.
  • Give yourself down time: The first thing I do when coming home after work is changing into comfortable clothes. That’s the first signal to my body that work is over and now it’s all about relaxation. I like to wear comfortable pants, sweaters and fluffy slippers to feel as cosy as possible for the rest of the night.
  • Make your bedroom your sanctuary: Have you ever wondered how much sleep you get in your life on average? 26 years! Crazy, right!? So you better make this bedroom of yours the room you love most in your home. Do you sleep better when it’s really dark in the room? Invest in good curtains. Do you prefer to sleep in a colder room? Make sure you regulate the heat to your liking. Our bedroom should be the room we look most forward to every day we’re getting home.
  • Invest in good bedding: When Patrick and I got married, we splurged on a new bed, including a very comfortable mattress, a big new blanket, fluffy pillows and new sheets. To tell you the truth, I love my own bed at home more than any fancy hotel bed I’ve ever slept in. One of the trickiest things for us was finding comfortable pillows. But the search is finally over! The Blackroll Recovery Pillow is made out of memory foam, which means your head basically melts into it. Sweet dreams guaranteed!

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Scientist have found out adults need at lest 7 hours of solid sleep at night, 8 or 9 would be even better. How many hours of zzz’s do you get in daily?