Hey Bobby!

Do you know the feeling when you’ve been admiring something for soo long and you’ve been going back and forth, contemplating whether you should buy it, or not. And when you’ve finally made up your mind and are ready to splurge on it, of course your size is sold out everywhere? Yeah right, frustration level x 100. That’s exactly what happened to me with the Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers. I’ve seriously been admiring  them for ages, but with investment pieces like these, I’m always rather someone who thinks about it twice. As much as I love investing in expensive handbags, shoes and pieces I know I’ll have forever, I was not too sure about the Bobby Sneakers in the first place. Their style is very special and unique, and might not be a classic forever… but I just could not get them out of my head. The moment I almost gave up on them since they were literally sold out everywhere in my size, I saw them on net-a-porter. And the best thing: they were on sale! Talking about a serious happy ending here. Although I always wanted them in black, I’m super happy with the khaki green  color now and find it very versatile. And of course the most important info: They are super comfortable! If you’ve been going back and forth too, thinking whether to buy them or not – I’d give it a go!


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ISABEL MARANT – Bobby Sneakers (via net-a-porter)

STEFAN – Pullover (old)

COS – Shirt

ZARA – Pants

CHANEL – Vintage Bag (find cool ones here)

CELINÉ – Sunglasses