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It’s been awfully quiet over here this past week, but the reasons for that are mainly happy ones. Well, let’s say partially, because the beginning of the week was filled with rather annoying administrative stuff. There are so many things you have to think about when you decide you want to go down the road of self employment. I’ve been told it’s quite the struggle and can be annoying at times. And as much as I wished I could say it isn’t – I just can’t. It definitely is quite tedious- but it comes with the package of self employment, and so far, I’m very excited about all the other parts of this package. So I just have to deal with it I guess 🙂

The other half of the week was filled with fun stuff though. I’ve been in Vienna from Wednesday until Friday, and helped my friends who are going to be married this summer with their wedding invitations. Furthermore, I spent an amazing day at the TDD office, and went to Nadiv Molcho’s movie premiere of The history of Now. It’s very inspiring what he has pulled off with this project, and it’s also such an amazing movie. If you’re into romances, I can highly recommend you to watch it.
On Friday, I’ve been invited to the L’Óreal Botanicals Fresh Care event where I learned all about their new hair care series. But more about this soon here on the blog – stay tuned!

One thing I’ve realized again last week is that no matter where I am – whether it’s my home office, the train, or the TDD office – without music I just can’t function. So I thought it’s time to share my favorite office tunes with you guys – enjoy and have a great start into the new week! ♥

MUSIC: Home Office Playlist | #yourockmylife MUSIC: Home Office Playlist | #yourockmylife MUSIC: Home Office Playlist | #yourockmylife MUSIC: Home Office Playlist | #yourockmylife MUSIC: Home Office Playlist | #yourockmylife

Beautiful stationary by Jo & Judy