New Year, New Tunes: Feel Good Music

I think it’s about time for a new playlist here on You Rock My Life.

Truth is, I can’t live without music. There are endless corny quotes about music – with great justice though! Music is the divine language we all share, it’s love, it’s art. No matter what language you speak or where you are from – music has the power to touch you, move you, and give you all kinds of emotions.

As a matter of fact, we listen to music everywhere. At home, in the car, at your work, and you might have even found yourself heading back home if you’d forgotten your headphones (me: every time I’m in the way to the train to Vienna). Music is my happy place no matter where I am, it’s like a therapy when I’ve had a bad day and the source of energy when I need some extra power. Let me guess: You’re listening to music as you read this, aren’t you? See. We can’t live without music. Music is life and life is music.

Music: New Year, New Tunes | Playlist | you rock my life

Music is an essential part of my me-time (and basically any time during the day). There’s hardly any second of the day I don’t play music. My mornings usually start with FM4 while I’m still in the bathroom (I especially love their morning show, and Sunny Side up on Sundays), and once I’m at my desk at the office one of the first things I do is to plug in my AirPods and open Spotify. I’m the happiest kid with music, and nothing really works for me without it.

As some of you might have read already, I had a lot of me-time during the holidays and deliberately went off the grid to sort some thoughts and (try to) process all the learnings of 2017.

This playlist is dedicated to an amazing new year. It’s filled with songs I’ve stumbled upon during the past few weeks: Some old ones I’ve re-discovered, some new ones I have heard somewhere and shazamed right away, and some that have been sent to me by my friends (I love my friends who know I love music).

I sometimes like to think of my life as a movie: When the right song just starts playing automatically in the right moment. Those are some of the songs I’d put on my OST right away.

Music: New Year, New Tunes | Playlist | you rock my life

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