One Year Married.

Wow. Has it really been one year since we got married? Where did time go? And also, would it be too soon to re-new our vows already?

I will never ever forget our wedding day. I’ll never forget all the love I felt on that day, this bubble of happiness Patrick and I were in.

The excitement in the morning of the wedding that almost made me forgot to eat breakfast. Getting ready with my favorite girls in the whole wide world. The letter Patrick had delivered to my room that made me cry so much we had to re-do my makeup. The fact that my Mom had tears in her eyes all day long. The car ride with my bridesmaids on the way to see Patrick for the first time. The sentence my Dad whispered into my ear before we walked down the aisle. The rush of emotions that came over me when I felt everyone’s eyes on me the moment the music started playing. The way Maxi was sitting between us during the whole ceremony. The jazz band that was playing in the garden. The taste of the first glass of Champagne as newlyweds. The food. The decoration. The most beautiful wedding invitations. The speeches! The sudden arrival of the police due to a noise complaint, who then told us to keep on partying without worrying about the neighbors. All of our favorite people in the whole wide world in one place. …

#ninaxpatrick - one year married | You Rock My Life - @ninawro - @patresinger
#ninaxpatrick - one year married | You Rock My Life - @ninawro - @patresinger

What a day. What a truly fantastic day!

I will never forget the day I got to marry the love of my life. And yes, I’d marry him any day again. All over again, and again.

Words cannot describe all the emotions, the love, the happiness, and the gratitude Patrick and I felt on that day. But this video sums it up quite well:

Our wedding day in motion.

* big shoutout to our friend Manuel Eder for capturing our wedding day in such an epic video.
** photo credit: Melanie Nedelko