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Money Talk: How To Keep Track Of Your Finances

Money is a topic that affects all of us in some way and it's probably one of the most delicate ones to talk about. In Austria, talking about your own salary, asking for someone's income or even just asking about someone's rent is a no-go. People frown upon those questions. I honestly don't understand that behavior, because how are we supposed to learn how to deal with our finances if we can't even talk about them? I think it can be very helpful to find out how others approach the topic of spendings, budgets and savings.

Baby Clothing: What does a newborn wear?

Picking out baby clothes is definitely one of my favorite tasks on the to-do list to prepare for baby. But it turned out, it's also one of the trickiest. First of all, what does a newborn wear? How many clothes do you need for a baby? And last but not least, which size is the right one?

Baby Things: My Top 10 Picks

Even before being pregnant, I was always super excited to hear about all the baby products my mama-friends have been using for their little ones. So one of the tasks I was super excited about once I found out I was pregnant was diving into the world of baby things. Until I found out how overwhelming this world actually is... I'm sharing my Top 10 picks for baby today:

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How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

Pregnancy is definitely a time in our life when we deserve some extra TLC. Whether that might be a visit to the spa, a massage every now and then, an appointment at the hairdresser - or the simple things you can treat yourself to at home, like a relaxing bath or caring body oil. I'm showing you my favorite body care products for pregnancy in this post:
Pregnancy body care:

#8 Baby Talk: “Wir sind schwanger!”

In dieser Folge von Baby Talk sprechen Patrick und ich darüber, wie wir erfahren haben, dass wir schwanger sind, warum es sich lohnt in einen teuren Schwangerschaftstest zu investieren, und warum wir nicht sofort der ganzen Welt lauthals verkündet haben, dass wir ein Baby erwarten.

Prenatal Vitamins: Why are they important?

Pregnancy is the time of your life you want to make sure your lifestyle is as healthy as possible. Even though you've been living a very active and healthy life so far, all of a sudden you realize, you're not only responsible for yourself anymore, but for a tiny human that's growing inside you. At least that's the thought that hit me when I held a positive pregnancy test in my hands...

Podcast: #7 Baby Talk - "Wir wünschen uns ein Baby."

YAY! Endlich ist es soweit und ich kann euch sagen, dass der Podcast zurück ist! Ich freue mich sehr, dass die Nachfrage von euch so groß war, und dass ihr mir immer so liebes Feedback zu den einzelnen Folgen gegeben habt. Unglaublich aber wahr - die letzte Podcast Folge wurde am 1. März 2008 veröffentlich. Das ist jetzt fast zwei Jahre her - und in diesen zwei Jahren hat sich so einiges getan. Daher wird aus dem "Coffee Talk" jetzt ein "Baby Talk", und ich begrüße euch herzlich zu meiner 2. Staffel des Podcasts.

Daily Hair Styling Basics

I'm just not the kind of girl who likes to spend hours a day on my hair, using lots of products and heat styling tools. In fact, I'm the happiest if I don’t have to spend any time on my hair at all. Today, I'm spilling the details on my favorite daily products that help me create my standard hairstyle - with minimal time and effort:

Spring Cravings

Daily looks

Looking for a little style inspiration? Daily Looks is a diary of my every day outfits - a place you can return to for daily fashion inspiration.

Food for thought

Food For Thought:
About Downtime

For the first time since I went full time with my blog I was completely out of order and there was no way of working. So this situation got me thinking...
2 years ago

Food For Thought:
Let Yourself Be Your Valentine

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love. Valentine's Day can be about celebrating the love of life, the love of a Higher Power, the love of your community, the love of your dog and most importantly the love of self.
1 year ago

Food For Thought:
C is for comparison

When I got to the office yesterday a big package was already waiting for me at my desk - the most beautiful surprise from Chloé, who I've been working with since last year. While I was unpacking this package I felt such a big strike of gratitude going through my heart.
1 year ago

Food For Thought: About Social Media & Being Online 24/7

Over the past couple of months I’ve evaluated my relationship with Instagram. I have this growing feeling that I don’t feel 100% confident with this app anymore. I asked myself why I feel this way, and this is the answer I could come up with:
4 months ago