Podcast: #3 Coffee Talk with Patrick – Digital Storyteller & Photographer

This week’s podcast is a very special one for me, because I’m excited to introduce you to someone you all probably know already if you’ve been reading my blog for a while: Patrick.

When I asked you to send me questions and topics you’re interested in reading (or hearing) about, photography was mentioned many times. I always get lots of questions regarding the photography on my blog, which equipment I use and how I edit my photos. There’s no one else who could answer all these questions better than Patrick, since he’s the one who got me into photography in the first place, and he’s also the one without whom this blog would not even exist.

Patrick is the guy behind almost all the photos on my blog, he’s my business partner, my rock when the going gets tough,  my daily muse, my best friend… he’s also the one who makes sure I slow down when I need to, and on the other hand the one who supports me to strive for my goals and dreams. On top of that, he’s also my fiancé. That’s a whole lot of roles for one single person, and truth be told: Working together so closely with your life partner can get quite tricky at times…

So we sat down for a chat and worked through all the questions you’re curious about. We’re talking about photography, how Patrick started with photography in the first place, what it’s like to be self employed, where we get our inspiration from, and what it really is like to be business partners and lovers at the same time.

Have fun listening and as always, I’d love to receive your feedback and messages! Let me know if you have any follow up questions or if there are other things on your mind you’d like me to talk about in of the the next Coffee Talk episodes. I’d be delighted to hear from you! xo Nina

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Podcast: Coffee Talk #3 - Patrick | Digital Storyteller & Photographer - you rock my life
Podcast: Coffee Talk #3 - Patrick | Digital Storyteller & Photographer - you rock my life

*the black and white photo is from the couple shoot we did with Carmen  & Ingo last year – one of my favorite photos of us.