Puma Basket Heart Sneakers

If I had to choose between high heels and sneakers, I’d always go for sneakers in a heartbeat. However, in my early days already I was very picky when it came to sneakers. I still remember how I begged my parents to get me those blinking shoes, and later on, I pimped my Converse by adding studs and different laces to make them more girly. When I saw the Puma Basket Heart sneakers a couple of days ago on my friend’s Facebook timeline I instantly fell for them. Patent leather sneakers with a satin bow? Yesss, please! Those sneakers basically screamed my name. The surprise was perfect when my friend dropped a Puma shoe box at the office the next day… The Puma Basket Heart sneakers were even more beautiful in real life. And although it’s a bit cold for sneakers at the moment, I could not resist wearing them already. Paired with my favorite leather pants, a warm pullover and a crisp white shirt to match the shoes I took my new babies for a walk the other day. Needless to say, the sneakers totally stole the show and I got stopped twice by girls who asked me where I got them from.
My prediction: They’ll be super hot this spring, so you better get your hands on them while you still can. <3

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PUMA – basket heart sneakers

ARITZIA – faux leather pants (I love this one too)

ZARA – coat (similar) and long shirt (similar)

HALLHUBER – knit jumper (old, similar here)

CÉLINE – sunglasses

VALENTINO – rockstud lockbag