Rupertikirtag in Salzburg

As you might have seen on my Instagram already, this weekend was all about gingerbread hearts, balloons, cotton candy and the merry-go-round. And it was so much fun! Rupertikirtag is Salzburg’s most traditional yearly fair always taking place around the 24th of September (as this is the day of Saint Rupert, the patron of the province of Salzburg). It’s something kids (and also adults) are looking forward to all year long. Like the bavarians would say Oktoberfest is their 5th season, Rupertikirtag is Salzburg’s equivalent to it. Since Patrick was born and raised here, he’s got quite a long Rupertikirtag history and properly introduced me to all the musts on a Kirtag.

I’ve gathered the 5 must-dos for you:

#1 Throw on your Dirndl

A Kirtag is definitely one of THE events when you have to wear a Dirndl. It’s no secret anymore that I love wearing my Dirndl to any occasion, but wearing it for a Kirtag still feels very special. I love watching the girls in all their beautiful and colorful dresses and I feel like a lot of them really make an effort braiding their hair and dressing up.

My choice this time was a dark linen Dirndl with cute ruffles on the neckline, combined with a royal blue linen apron I got at Trachten Forstenlechner in Salzburg. I’ve become a big fan of high-necked blouses lately and especially this one made of lace caught my eye. I find it very classy and not so much “in your face”, yet very alluring. The bag was love at first sight – its form reminded my of the Chloé Marcie bag and the edelweiss on the strap are just perfect to be worn with a Dirndl.

I went for black boots to go with it, although I think ankle boots would have worked even better. But in case of a Kirtag I always choose comfy over chic.

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#2 Get a Lebkuchenherz

It’s not just yummy, but also a very lovely accessory during the Kirtag and a perfect ad-on to a Dirndl. I usually find them too cute to eat, so I take them home as decoration and sweet souvenir. There are a lot of different sayings on these hearts and I even found one booth in which you could personalize your own. Usually a Lebkuchenherz is given to you by someone who loves or fancies you. This one was a gift from Patrick, so that’s why there is super cheesy writing on it.

160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-149 160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-152 2portraittolandscape_9 160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-150

#3 Eat Cotton Candy

I don’t really know why, but eating this pink fluff still fascinates me as much as it did when I was a little kid. No Kirtag without Cotton Candy, that’s for sure. Sticky fingers and stomach ache at the end of the day included.

2portraittolandscape_4 2portraittolandscape_6 2portraittolandscape_5 160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-78

#4 Have a Schaumrolle

Hands down the best Schaumrolle I’ve ever had! And trust me, I’ve tried a lot. The traditional bakery “Bauer” bakes and fills the Schaumrollen freshly, and while you’re ordering one you can watch them fill it. They are luke warm when you get them and are just heavenly delicious! I’m actually a bit glad the bakery only builds up their stand once a year, otherwise I’d have those Schaumrollen way too often…

160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-195 160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-202

#5 Go on the merry-go-round

Last but not least, a ride (or two, or three…) on the merry-go-round is the ultimate walk down memory lane. When we went on it in the afternoon we were the only adults, surrounded by kids throwing their hands in the air and screaming. It was the best feeling!

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I really wish Rupertikirtag would happen more often during the year. But thank god at least Christkindlmarkt is coming up soon 😉

PS: have you seen my posts from Rupertikirtag on Trachten Forstenlechner’s Instagram already?

160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-80 160924_yrml_ruperti_full_web-84

The whole outfit is available at Trachten Forstenlechner:

Forstenlechner – linen Dirndl

Tostmann – linen apron

 Gottseidank – lace blouse

Forstenlechner – jacket

Töpfer – leather bag

Zara – boots (similar)

Céline – sunnies

Lailani – Lily choker

Photography by Patrick Langwallner

*in friendly collaboration with Trachten Forstenlechner