Salzburg Guide: Café Vis-á-Vis

If you have a thing for coffee, cake and interior stuff you’ll love this place! Vis-á-Vis by Doll is a mix between a mini concept store and coffeehouse and one of my favorite hang-outs in Salzburg. We often go there on weekends to have some coffee and cake, and just admire all the beautiful things they offer. Their collection of coffee table books is beyond amazing! I could seriously be there for hours, browsing through books and sipping on coffee. It just feels like you’re sitting in a living room of one of your friends. If you’re there, you should also make sure to check out the market garden Doll, which is just vis-a-vis on the other side of the street. Their flower arrangements are incredibly beautiful and the smell in there makes you dream of summer.

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Concept Store & Café – VIS-A-VIS

Market garden – DOLL