Snow Day

Due to a rather mild winter this year, this was one of the few times I’ve seen real snow this season. On the way to Kitzbühel we just had to stop on the way and take some pictures. There is something magical about snow that still gets me thrilled like a little kid.

It’s not that I would consider myself the greatest skier or snowboarder, nor am I very fanatic about long winter walks or building snowmen or so. But there is a certain kind of peace and comfort that sets in with the sight of a snow-covered scenery. To me, winter is the season of snuggling up in comfy oversized pullovers, drinking hot tea, being all cosy and wearing UGG boots without apologizing. I guess that’s what I love most about it.

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MANGO: Shirt (similar here)

STEFANEL: Pullover



Location: Kitzbühel