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New month, who dis?
A favorite summer outfit.

Long time no outfit post! Shame on me - or actually: Shame on the weather. Because with this "situation" we had going on in May, I was seriously not in the mood to shoot any outfits at all.
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How To Wear:
50 Shades Of White

Just in time for the weekend, which is predicted to be super sunny and warm (hello spring feelings!), I want to show you my favorite outfit that moved into my closet last week. With summer just around the corner fabrics are getting lighter again and it's time to think of our spring wardrobe.
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The Lost Outfit

It doesn’t happen very often that I completely forget about photos we take for the blog. However, while scrolling through my hard drive looking for something specific, I stumbled upon ...

The New Black

While all my belongings are neatly tucked away in one of the many moving boxes piling up in our new apartment, I kept a handful of clothes in my little hand luggage trolley. This straightforward ...

How To Wear: Simple Outfits

The hotter the days, the more I’m all about very simple outfits. Because let’s be honest: What’s worse than layers and layers of clothing and accessories when your skin is ...

Food for thought

Food For Thought:
A Fairytale In Morocco

Words can't describe all the feelings and good vibes I felt during our trip to Morocco, so I won't even try. But there are three thoughts I've managed to put into words:
1 year ago