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Things To Keep Forever

The past week I’ve been MIA over here as well as on Instagram. Reason for this lack of life signs was that I was helping my parents pack their things for a new adventure that’s coming ...

First Day Of Fall

After basically living in a bikini these past weeks during our honeymoon I extended summer to the max this year. So today marks the first day of fall for me. I’m still trying to beat the ...

Guess what! I’m alive.

When the last blogpost over here was published 10 days ago, you either know something really bad must have happened, or the total opposite. Fortunately, the latter is the case this time. Do you ...

Bigger, better, bold Blazer.

When you’re having a breakfast date with your friend in the morning, followed by running errands in the city, some hours at the office, then you have a business meeting in the afternoon and ...

Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day: A day that divides our society in two parts. Either you love it (or at least pretend you do, because your partner does), or you don’t. I’ve always had mixed ...

Food for thought

Food For Thought: About Social Media & Being Online 24/7

Over the past couple of months I’ve evaluated my relationship with Instagram. I have this growing feeling that I don’t feel 100% confident with this app anymore. I asked myself why I feel this way, and this is the answer I could come up with:
2 years ago

Food For Thought: Turning 29

It was my 29th birthday last week. And if you ask me, a 29th birthday is a special one. It marks the end of a great chapter, and the start of a new one. Time to reflect a little, shall we?
2 years ago