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Office Days & Life Lately

Days are getting shorter and sunshine is nothing to take for granted anymore. Winter is coming, it’s undeniable. For bloggers those colder and darker months of the year can be quite the ...

First Day Of Fall

After basically living in a bikini these past weeks during our honeymoon I extended summer to the max this year. So today marks the first day of fall for me. I’m still trying to beat the ...

Wishlist: Winter Sale

’tis the season to be jolly, eat cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, stay in your PJs all day long and while you do so – catch the best bargains of winter sale! Those of us who ...

A Touch Of Leo

Black and white is always a winning combination and probably something you’ll see me in most of the time. Sometimes I go wild though and add some leo to my outfit.

Food for thought

Food For Thought:
10 Things I've Learned in 2017

Truth be told, I just don’t like New Year’s resolutions. They’re a lot like New Year’s Eve expectations — rarely met, usually disappointing and sometimes resulting in a very bad mood.
2 years ago

Food For Thought:
Let Yourself Be Your Valentine

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love. Valentine's Day can be about celebrating the love of life, the love of a Higher Power, the love of your community, the love of your dog and most importantly the love of self.
7 months ago