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Homemade Açaí Bowl
Hawaii Style

One of my fondest memories of our honeymoon in Hawaii is connected to the delicious açaí bowls we had for breakfast (almost) every morning. After a class of sunrise yoga next to the ocean, an ice-cold smoothie bowl is the most amazing food you can imagine, which is why I decided to recreate this favourite at home.
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Biogena Food Supplements:
Why Are They So Important For Our Health?

The older I get, the more I realize the tremendous impact of nutrition and micronutrients on my body. Nutrition is a topic that has always interested me very much. And the more I read about different nutritional concepts and the  importance of micronutrients, the more I wanted to know.
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Reset Time: Plant Based Nutrition
For The Next 40 Days

The older I get, the more attention I pay to my body and its needs. I guess that's something quite natural, since you're getting to know your own body better with every year that you're alive. One of the lessons I've had to learn the hard way was the tremendous impact of my nutrition on my overall well-being.
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Food for thought

Food For Thought: About Social Media & Being Online 24/7

Over the past couple of months I’ve evaluated my relationship with Instagram. I have this growing feeling that I don’t feel 100% confident with this app anymore. I asked myself why I feel this way, and this is the answer I could come up with:
1 month ago

Food For Thought:
Let Yourself Be Your Valentine

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love. Valentine's Day can be about celebrating the love of life, the love of a Higher Power, the love of your community, the love of your dog and most importantly the love of self.
1 year ago