Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather and escaped the city for a walk in winter wonderland. My friend Gabriella told me about this wonderful place a while ago, and I was really keen to check it out. The place is called Bluntau Valley, which is a protected nature reserve of unique natural beauty and definitely is one of the most enchanting parts of the province of Salzburg. The crystal clear water of the Bluntau Lake just took our breath away – especially on a sunny day it’s the perfect place for a walk and to enjoy nature to its fullest. The only thing I regret is that our dog Maxi was not there for this beautiful walk. She would have loved it! I can’t wait to take her there in summer though…

PS: Also, who would have thought that Dr. Martens boots are actually winter proof?! Totally rocked the slippery, snow-covered roads with them.

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Here’s more information about the beautiful Bluntau Valley near Salzburg and a description how to get there, if you’d like to explore.