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Wishlist: Honeymoon Cravings

Wishlist: Honeymoon Cravings | You Rock My Life - photo by @sincerelyjules

As if the excitement level of our wedding being less than two months away wasn’t high enough already, there is another massive entry in my calendar that makes my heart beat faster… You’re guessing right: our honeymoon! We finally booked our tickets last week and the destination is set: We’re going to Hawaii!! Even just typing those lines makes me grin so much already.

Hawaii has been on both Patrick’s and my travel wishlist for so many years and the moment we started speaking about where our honeymoon trip should go to, we both immediately said Hawaii would be our dream. With our recent move of apartments and all the organization that goes into it, we were not too sure whether we should do such a big trip right after the wedding or rather wait a couple of months to go on honeymoon. However, the thought of waiting for our honeymoon kind of felt very wrong so we tossed that idea very quickly again. Said and done, we did a little research on how our travel itinerary would work best, which stopovers to do and which places we want to visit. A few days later we booked our tickets and will be headed direction west just a few days after the wedding, with a first top in San Francisco for a couple of days, and then moving on to Hawaii for two weeks, followed by a last stop before we’re returning home… but I’ll tell you about the last part of our honeymoon trip on a different occasion.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to go to Hawaii and I’m over the moon that it’s finally happening, so this being said: If you have any must-dos, must-sees, hotel recommendations and the like for us, I’d be thrilled to hear everything about them. Swamp me with your Hawaii knowledge, please!

Wishlist: Honeymoon Cravings | You Rock My Life - photo by @sincerelyjules

As you know me, of course this upcoming trip can’t go without a little packing (wish)list. So here’s part of the content that will most likely be in my honeymoon suitcase:

Straw Boater Hat by Lack of Color (similar & more affordable version without customs here)
Ok, by now I guess all of you know how obsessed I am with hats. The gorgeous pieces by the Australian label Lack Of Color are all over Instagram and I’ve been in love with them forever to the extent that I made Patrick chase down some shops in Australia with me which sold Lack Of Color, just so I finally get my hands on one of them. Unfortunately I wasn’t very lucky since the hats I liked were all sold out in my size. With an upcoming honeymoon I thought it’s the perfect time to hit the buy button in their online shop, so this beautiful straw hat is on its way to me (I’m a bit afraid of the customs duty I’ll sure have to pay, but that doesn’t kill my anticipation for the hat).

L’Eau Tan by Chanel 
A couple of weeks ago a big package filled with Chanel’s latest summer beauty essentials arrived at my doorstep and I’ve been drooling over them ever since. While the handcream is a daily companion in my bag, I’m also obsessed with the .xxxx spray. However, I’ve been very eager to test the L’Eau Tan which also part of the package, but I just haven’t had any chance yet as a result of lacking time to lie in the sun. So this very promising tan oil is on top of my beauty to do list for the honeymoon.

Straw Bag by KAYU
I think everyone will agree that this bag is the one and only perfect companion for a honeymoon. I mean… you, me, oui? OUI all the way! I’ve been eying this bag ever since I saw Vicky’s KAYU straw bag in real life (the size is just perfect!), but since I have two beautiful straw bags already I was still able to resist… let’s see for how long I can hold back.

Bikini by Love Stories
This cute number of a bikini is already mine and will definitely come on honeymoon with me. During my bachelorette weekend in Amsterdam, one of my maid of honors and me still had some time to enjoy the city because our flight was only leaving quite late at night. Since most shops are open in Amsterdam on a Sunday, we strolled though the area of the „9 straatjes“ and I couldn’t help it but pop into one of my favorite underwear & swimwear shops. Love Stories was founded in Amsterdam and seriously has the cutest stuff! I bought this and another bikini as a souvenir to take home from my bachelorette weekend in hindsight of an upcoming honeymoon, where it will have its first appearance.

Sunglasses by Dior
My girlfriends gave me sunglasses with pink lenses for our day at the festival in Amsterdam and I would have never thought how much I enjoyed them! Seeing the whole word slightly tinted from time to time does make a big difference, and since I love wearing sunglasses anyway, having an option for slightly cloudy days seems ideal. Not that I hope there will be too many cloudy days during our honeymoon, but just in case I’d be prepared with those glasses. Now, if they only wouldn’t come with a rather shocking price tag… but a girl can dream right!?

Nomadic State of Mind Sandals
Also from the category „all over Instagram“ are these cute shoes. Nomadic state of mind is using re-cycled and re-used ropes for their sandals and are producing them under fair conditions, creating jobs for a lot of people. I’m not just a big fan of this approach, but I also love the simple style of the shoes that will fit to everything I plan on wearing in Hawaii. Now I just have to decide whether I want the beige or the black version…

Wishlist: Honeymoon Cravings | You Rock My Life - photo by @sincerelyjules Wishlist: Honeymoon Cravings | You Rock My Life - photo by @sincerelyjules

*photo credit: Sincerely Jules
As inspiration for the upcoming trip I have of course done some research already, and while doing so stumbled upon a blogpost by one of my favorite blogger babes Julie Sariñana (aka Sincerely Jules), who has just recently been to Maui – don’t miss her beautiful diary about it!

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    22. July 2018 at 18:09

    Das finde ich perfekt, ich plane nämlich zu meinem 30. nächstes Jahr hin zu fliegen! Und dann klaue ich einfach all eure Highlights und nehme die gleich mit 😉😍 plane allerdings über Vancouver zu fliegen, einfach weil ich das dieses Jahr so schön fand. Freue mich sowieso schon auf all die Eindrücke von der Hochzeit, aber jetzt dann noch ein kleines bisschen mehr! 😘

  • Reply
    nanami la manga
    23. July 2018 at 8:32

    so happy for you!! b.t.w., toll fees are applicable to road-traffic; on imported goods it is customs duty. 😉

  • Reply
    Sandra Slusna
    23. July 2018 at 18:07

    OMG, dieser Bikini. <3 Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich dir ganz viel Spaß und Freude auf eurer Reise!!! 🙂 Freue mich schon auf eure Eindrücke und Bilder.
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra

  • Reply
    C'est Levi
    24. July 2018 at 10:11

    Liebe Nina,

    Hawaii hört sich mega an! Das wird so schön! Ich bin unglaublich gespannt, wie die Bilder werden und was du berichtest! Freue mich immer über dein Content!

    Ich habe übrigens ganz ähnliche Robe Sandals in Schwarz von Mango ♥ Und wie süß ist bitte dieser Bikini! OMG!

    Liebe Grüße

    http://www.cestlevi.blog | Follow me on Instagram

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