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Let Yourself Be Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. Valentine’s Day can be about celebrating the love of life, the love of a Higher Power, the love of your community, the love of your dog and most importantly the love of self… it can be anything you wish. Or it can mean nothing at all to you. However you choose to think about this day, I like to think of it as a day to embrace love in general. Because without love? What would this world look like?

This year, Valentine’s Day is a very welcome excuse for me to put together a little virtual wishlist. With Christmas long gone and my birthday far, far away, there are not many occasion in-between that allow wishlists. Not that I expect anything for Valentine’s Day from Patrick (we don’t usually do V-Day, do we Patrick?), but there are some things that are currently on my personal wishlist, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you. And let me be honest with you: I just love curating those wishlists. Makes me feel like a little kid writing wishlists for Christmas…

Who knows, maybe you and your better half are actually celebrating Valentine’s Day with little gifts… leaving this blogpost open in your browser to share some subtle hints with your man doesn’t hurt. Or even better: Maybe you feel like treating yourself with a little something something for Valentine’s Day, because heck yes – you deserve it! Here’s to another year of loving yourself and honoring one of the most important relationships you have in your life!

No. 1 Saint Laurent Card Holder

Something I really need very badly: A card holder. Since I bought my Chanel WOC in September 2017, I have not been carrying a wallet with me anymore because I used the WOC as my wallet. This might sound weird, but all my cards fit into it and I haven’t felt the need for a normal wallet anymore. However, it’s a bit unpractical when using other handbags. So it happened that I’ve left the house without any cash, nor credit card or my driver’s license a couple of times lately… Hence I think it’s time to invest into a pretty little card holder that would fit my essentials. This white version by Saint Laurent would be cute for spring and summer, don’t you think?

No. 2 Diptyque Candle

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’d prefer a scented candle over fresh flowers anytime. Not that I don’t love flowers – I do! – but I’m just not very talented at keeping them alive. Scented candles are a lot easier to care for and will last a whole lot longer. Also, I simply adore candlelight and the atmosphere it creates. Diptyque candles have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I just got Pomander for Christmas and our home smelled like it during the holidays – it was delicious! I’d love to try Mimosa and Figuier next.

No. 3 Chanel Brooch

A classic Chanel brooch has been on my personal wishlist for a very long time (since watching Gossip Girl, to be precise – you can do the maths now). But with every year they got more expensive and and somehow there has always been something else on my wishlist that had priority. Nevertheless, I think a classic Chanel brooch is a very versatile piece that can add a special something to many different looks. I’m currently looking for pre-loved options such a this one, too.

No. 4 Dior Slingbacks

Ever since I got the classic Chanel Slingbacks for my birthday two years ago, I fell head over heals (pun intended) for Slingbacks. Especially if the heels aren’t too high, they are the perfect chic shoe in my books. The black version with the white ribbon has stolen my heart since I first saw them. I was very close to buying them already, but then my size was sold out at the Boutique in Vienna. Maybe I’ll be lucky this season and they have my size in stock. If so, I think I’ll just have to treat myself . I also love the flat version! J’adior indeed!

No. 5 Anine Bing Lace Bra

Lingerie is something you either love, or don’t care too much about. I’ve always had a thing for pretty lingerie and I simply feel a lot better when I know I’m wearing something pretty underneath my clothes. I’m owning two Anine Bing bras already and they are my absolute favorite. I almost don’t wear any other bras anymore. However, for some occasions a very delicate lace bra that reveals a little more than you’d want isn’t really the perfect fit. So this silk/lace combined bra would be a great alternative underneath white shirts and blouses.

No. 6 Beau Taplin Poetry Book

I found Beau Taplin on Instagram last year and was obsessed with his writing right away. I do have a very weak spot for poetry, but his words really touch my heart and hit home. For Christmas I received his book “Bloom”, which is a collection of some of his poems and prose. This book + a hot cup of tea + candlelight = my heaven. If you love modern poetry as much as I do, you’ll surely love Beau’s work.

No. 7 Katie g. bracelets

My connection with Katie g. is a very special one: I met her at a party several years ago and then our paths crossed again a few years later when I started blogging. I have been a huge fan of her jewellery and her philosophy for many years – that’s also one of the reasons Patrick and me choose her to design our wedding rings. I’ve been at her atelier in Vienna for a special project last week and fell in love with one of the pieces of her newest collection immediately. The rosé gold bracelets with the colorful stones stole my heart right away! If you are looking for truly unique jewellery (& custom-made pieces) that are handmade with very much love and soul in Vienna, do yourself a favor and stop by at Katie’s atelier in Vienna’s 7th district.

No. 8 Byredo Perfume

This perfume is actually not on my personal wishlist for myself, but for the husband. While buying a present for someone at our local beauty shop, Patrick was testing some Byredo perfumes and left with a spritz of Gypsy Water. On the way home, I couldn’t stop smelling him – I was obsessed with the scent on him immediately and really want him to have it. Very selflessly, I put it on my wishlist (for him).

Wishlist Material: Valentine's Day | You Rock My Life
Wishlist Material: Valentine's Day | You Rock My Life
Wishlist Material: Valentine's Day | You Rock My Life
Wishlist Material: Valentine's Day | You Rock My Life
Wishlist Material: Valentine's Day | You Rock My Life

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