Podcast: #6 Coffee Talk - Blogger Tips: How to turn your blog into a professional business.

COFFEE TALK #6 – Blogger Tips

Hello lovelies! It’s Coffee Talk Thursday again, whoop whoop! I’m still feeling so pumped about all your lovely feedback and that you like listening to the podcast so much. Last Thursday I even received several messages asking why there was no Coffee Talk episode. This made me feel so happy – first of all, because you already seem to know that Thursday is Podcast day, and secondly, because you seem to be waiting for new episodes – and that’s like the cutest love message you could ever send me. So thank you so much again for your support and love all the time!

The thing with a podcast is that it takes more people than me to produce it. By now you all probably now Max (or at least his voice from some of the Coffee Talk episodes). He and his colleague are helping me with the whole podcast set up and make sure everything is recorded and cut and uploaded correctly (they are the secret heroes behind this whole podcast project!). But of course that also means that we have to find dates that fit for all of us to record the episodes; and then again, if I invite people over to talk to, I’m depending on their schedule too. So for now we’ve figured out that a bi-weekly Coffee Talk session works best for us at the moment. I’d love to publish a new episode on a weekly basis, and I’m already trying to find a way to make that happen.

Talking about Coffee Talk guests, unfortunately my last guest had to postpone the session last minute. So that’s why I reached out to you again via Instagram and asked you whether there are still some questions on the table you’d like to get answered. Interestingly, I’ve been getting lots of blogging and business related questions lately. So I thought why not start a little “Blogger Tips” series here at my little podcast. After all, the Coffee Talk was invented to interview entrepreneurs and interesting people to find out how they did it. Not that I think I have all the answers and can give you perfect instructions on how to get your business (or any dream you have) started, but in these past 1.5 years I’ve learned one thing or two, which I’m more than happy to share with you!

So today’s Coffee Talk is all about some of the most frequently asked business related questions I’ve received over the past couple of weeks. I’m talking about how to make your blog professional and eventually turn it into your full time job; how you can score awesome collaborations with brands; and one of the most tedious topics of them all: How to define prices for your blog and business.

If you like the “Blogger Tips” series, please feel free to send me some more questions you’re curious about. The second part of this series is already being planned, but there is still some time to send me a message so I can cover your question in the next session.

I hope you’ll like this episode and will find some interesting tips! Enjoy listening, and as always: I’d be super grateful if you followed my podcast on Spotify or iTunes and leave me a rating (stars are the new likes in the podcast world I’ve been told). By the way: Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize Max’ voice this time…

Have a happy day everyone!
xo Nina

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