Tried & Tested:
Dyson Pure Cool Me

In Austria, we tend to take fresh air for granted, but it’s a luxury that is not a given for many people all around the world. In the summer heat, however, we were glad to get cool, purified air via the Dyson Pure Cool Me.
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USM Modular Furniture
For The Home

One of the most amazing collaborations that can happen to you as a blogger are the ones with brands that you have loved a long time before already. To me, USM is one of those brands that I have adored for many, many years. I have been a big fan of the modular concept of USM Modular Furniture for years and since Patrick and I moved into our new home together last year, an USM shelf has been very high up our interior wishlist.
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Our Living Room

The minute Patrick and I stepped into our new home, we immediately fell in love with the living room area. With 36m2 it's quite spacious and the best part about it is that it's super bright and sunshine's coming in all day long.
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Welcome to our office!

It’s been a long time coming and I can’t believe I’m typing those lines: The last piece of furniture we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived at our office and I want to ...

Wishlist: A Touch of Velvet

I’m not sure if it’s the current weather situation that makes me go crazy, but I’ve found myself craving velvet more than ever. There’s hardly any other fabric that gives ...

Food for thought

Food For Thought:
C is for comparison

When I got to the office yesterday a big package was already waiting for me at my desk - the most beautiful surprise from Chloé, who I've been working with since last year. While I was unpacking this package I felt such a big strike of gratitude going through my heart.
12 months ago

Food For Thought: Turning 29

It was my 29th birthday last week. And if you ask me, a 29th birthday is a special one. It marks the end of a great chapter, and the start of a new one. Time to reflect a little, shall we?
4 months ago

Food For Thought:
About Downtime

For the first time since I went full time with my blog I was completely out of order and there was no way of working. So this situation got me thinking...
1 year ago