It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas

Christmas time. Days are getting shorter, it’s getting dark a lot earlier and Christmas markets pop up in the city, where friends and family gather to enjoy a cup of mulled wine. I can’t deny it: I love to celebrate this season to the fullest! On Saturday we made our way to the city and had our first stop at the Christmas market. We should have known better, but of course a thousand other people had the same idea and it took us forever to get from one spot to the next. But not even the crowds were able to damp my spirits… Seeing all the Christmas lights, the smell of gingerbread in the air and the little kids who were fascinated by the animals in the petting zoo just made my day. Maybe also my outfit contributed to my happy mood, since it was quite the opposite to my usual darker go-to colors in winter. A few weeks back when I saw this cream beige turtleneck / midi skirt knit wear combination at Zara, it immediately made me feel so cosy, I just had to have it. Little did I know how comfortable it really is, so it quickly became one of my favorite outfits lately. I like how it’s  soft and smooth, but also kind of elegant at the same time. I’d love to wear it when nature turns into a winter wonderland and everything is white and beautiful. Let’s just hope the outfit will stay clean until then… with a little Puggle jumping up on me all the time, I guess my chances are small though.

With Christmas coming closer and closer, the constantly recurring question of what to gift your loved ones with is back again, too. Having a boyfriend who’s birthday is on December 7th does not really help the struggle of finding the perfect Christmas gift… But I’m happy to have this year covered already with a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch. If you think this would make a lovely gift for your loved ones too, you can use the code XMAS-NINA at to get 15% off your order.

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ZARA – skirt and pullover (also love this grey version here & here)

ZARA – coat (sold out)

UGG – Classic Mini Ugg Boots

 DANIEL WELLINGTON – Classic Black Reading Watch (Use the code XMAS-NINA to get 15% off)

VALENTINO – Rockstud Lockbag

ANNA I.J. – ring on middle finger & ring finger