Wishlist: Spring Cravings

Spring made a grande appearance this weekend and we’ve spent most of our time outdoors, soaking up all the sun we could get, strolling around with gelato in our hands and admiring all the beautiful trees and flowers that are coming back to life. I think I’ve said it a couple of times already, but Spring definitely is my favorite season and spring fever just hits me every year again. There simply is an undeniable feeling of happiness everywhere you look: Cafés and restaurants are opening their terraces again, nature is blooming, and people are just in a good mood due to the warmer weather – how can anyone not like this season, actually?
Despite my happiness about above mentioned facts, I’m equally excited about my spring wardrobe.


  1. H&M mules: These shoes are all over the place this season, and I guess no fashionista can go past them this Spring. To be fair, they are pretty cool, aren’t they? I think mules are the perfect mix between chic and comfy. With this version the little heel gives you those extra centimeters without compromising on comfort. Also, they go with anything: Paired with some jeans, a swinging dress, or even shorts. The perfect allrounder <3
  2. ZIMMERMANN bikini: This little slice of heaven made it into my suitcase in Australia. I’ve been a huge Zimmermann fan for a while now, but never actually saw any of their pieces in real life. Of course a (multiple) visit in their flagship store in Sydney was a must. As expected, their pieces – especially the dresses! – are to die for. Unfortunately, so are the price tags they come with. I couldn’t leave without a little souvenir though, so the floral crochet bikini made it into my shopping bag and makes me extra excited for summer.
  3. JO MALONE cologne: Do you know the feeling when you smell a perfume for the first time and all of a sudden you’re totally mesmerized by this smell? That’s exactly what happened to me when I first smelled Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia. A little boutique in Sydney had three Jo Malone colognes on display, and – scent obsessed as I am – I had to try all of them. English Pear and Freesia stole my heart right away, so I put it on my wrist. Throughout the day the scent developed even better and I now somehow associate Sydney with this smell
  4. MANGO crochet dress: If it was up to me, I’d live in a place where all you need are white dresses all year long. Over the years I’ve gathered quite the collection of white and beige cotton dresses, preferably with some crochet details, or cut-outs. And although there are already a few dresses in my wardrobe that look kind of similar, I’m still getting weak every time I come across one of these dresses.
  5. WE ARE FLOWERGIRLS flower crown: I admire everyone who turns their dreams into reality and starts their own business. That’s exactly what Cecilia and Mathias did by founding We Are Flowergirls. I’ve been admiring their floral headpieces on some of my blogger colleagues already, and especially the pieces they created in collaboration with Marina Hoermanseder are right up my alley. I think they are the perfect eye catcher for spring (and basically all year around).
  6. GUCCI Dionysus bag: When Gucci first released this bag in fall 2015, it was a big hit immediately and bloggers as well as celebs went nuts. I have to admit, at first I didn’t really catch the hype and didn’t give the bag my careful consideration. But after seeing these bags a lot in Singapore and Australia the past couple of weeks, they somehow really grew on me. I even got to the point where I went to check out the Dionysus bags in the Gucci store in Sydney… you know, just to look at them. Not the best idea though, because now that I saw them in real life I adore them even more (duh). Yet another classic case of heart says YES, head says NO. But a girl is allowed to dream a little, right?