Make your home your sanctuary with Feinerlei Concept Store

The other day, one of my best friends sent me a picture of her sitting at the dining table in their new kitchen, waiting for her breakfast to be ready. She sent it over with the words “So happy to have our Saturday tradition back!”.  Nothing extraordinary, you might think. You’re right. But the amazing fact about this text message was that my friend and her husband had been waiting for this very moment for the past months. They’ve taken on the great challenge to renovate a house while actually living in it. So this meant not having a proper kitchen for quite a long time… Her text message made me really happy, and also got me thinking how important it is to make your home your sanctuary – no matter what circumstances are given. While we’re living in an apartment we rent, I sometimes catch myself thinking “oh no, let’s wait until we get this or that until we move into our own place”. And I just realized it completely is the wrong way of thinking, because your home is still your home. No matter if it’s a tiny apartment you rent or a big house you can call your own. I think as our homes are a reflection of ourselves and we should make them our happy place. If you manage to create a good vibe that is calming and comforting, you can turn a home into a sanctuary. It shouldn’t take moving to a bigger place, company coming over or a romantic night with your partner to motivate you to set the mood in your home, doing it for yourself is reason enough.

I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite shops in Salzburg – Feinerlei Concept Store – to show you 5 easy  ways that you can embrace to make your home your sanctuary:


Get rid of unnecessary things

First of all, let’s start off with decluttering and making some room for all the little things that will turn your home into your “super comfy safe zone”. As I mentioned before, our homes are extensions of ourselves so they also do a great job of reflecting our lives. I wish I could say about myself that I’m a minimalist and only keep my belongings down to the most essential things. Well, I’m by far not there yet – but if that’s a topic that’s interesting to you, you will enjoy this blog a lot! However, as far as I am concerned decluttering starts with getting rid of e.g. old magazines that pile up and are probably dusty already. I experienced the less unnecessary stuff is lying around, the better I feel. For example: If your home is a mess and there is clutter everywhere then you’ll find that your life is chaotic or you feel like you can never get ahead.


I’ve always been a lover of candles and could spend a fortune on scented, beautiful candles. Talking about burning money, right? After a long day at work when I’m feeling tired or weak, I light a candle at home to refuel my energy and brighten my mood. Candles have the power to set the mood in our home, and also have the ability to light up certain areas of your life. If you’re sensitive to scents like me, you’ll find that bergamot scented candles can help you relax. Also the scent of jasmine is helpful if you want to reduce your stress level, whereas vanilla makes you feel warm and comfortable. (Or sometimes hungry, in my experience.) Another plus of course: They look pretty, and you safe energy because you can spare the artificial light 😉


Another things to spend endless amounts of money on – Flowers. I truly believe that freshly cut flowers provide measurable uplift to our mood. However, I also believe that spending ridiculous amounts of money on flowers every week is quite the bummer for our mood. Unfortunately, I’ve have not been blessed with the greenest thumb (at least it has not developed yet, I’m sill hoping for it!). Meaning – the lifespan of most of my plants at home is pretty limited. For everyone who’s facing the same problem, I just recently discovered something that’s gonna change your life: Fake Flowers! The first time I walked into Feinerlei, I would have never expected the gorgeous hydrangeas they had displayed to be fake, because they look so real. You can look at them on the pictures below – the whites ones are fake, the colorful ones are real. Almost no difference detectable, right? #gamechanger They are quite expensive too, but at least it’s an investment for your life and not only for a couple of days.


One of the easiest tricks to personalize your home is to fill it with pieces you love and which mean a lot to you. I think we all know how expensive interior stuff can be; but it does not necessarily have to. You can easily personalize your home and make it yours by putting up pictures that remind you of something that makes you happy. Or for example by displaying books that mean a lot to you or things you brought back from your adventures. Putting up little pieces of yourself, your family, friends or idols will make your home more “you”. As far as Patrick and me are concerned, we both have a thing for nice dishes, glasses or spoons. (Luckily, because I think it could be quite the challenge for our relationship trying to convince him to buy another cute little golden spoon.) Anyways, when we’re on holidays or city trips we try to buy little things that make us both happy and bring back fond memories.


Definitely something I could not live without: Music. No matter if at work, in the car, or at home. Music always plays an essential role in my life. The music I choose to listen to of course varies throughout the day, depending on the situation. At home I love having smooth, easy going beats in the background. The energy of this kind of music transports peace and contentment for me. You can find my favorite go-to playlists for easy listening here.



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*in friendly collaboration with Feinerlei Concept Store