Style On A Budget No. 1

It’s no secret: I’m craving Spring and warmer days so much already, that I don’t even want to dress in my winter clothes anymore. That’s of course particularly silly, because now is the best time to catch a cold. So I’m trying to be reasonable and do my best to keep myself warm, BUT  I find myself escaping to my favorite online shops more often than I should. Browsing the Spring / Summer collections that are slowly arriving everywhere gets me very excited and I think a little peak here and there to see what’s in stock for this season doesn’t do any harm, right? With Spring still being a solid month away, there is still plenty of time to give my winter boots and coats a spin, but a girl is allowed to dream right?

While looking at the latest collections I stumbled upon some items that I already have in my closet and consider holy wardrobe staples, which I’d buy right away again. I think the moment you realize you’re attracted to things you basically already have in your closet, you know you’ve found your style. However, style doesn’t ever have to do with money. Style is something money can’t buy. The key to style, and ultimately the key to looking good, is self-confidence. Although I’m certain self-confidence is not only skin deep but goes way beyond our looks, the right outfit can help us feel even more confident. I sometimes think of an outfit like a power shield: It’s like an armor we’re wearing; it reflects our mood and we can make a statement with it.

Walk around, have courage, be kind, be yourself and be proud of who you are. No matter which clothes (or maybe even your birthday suit) makes you feel this way. And last but not least: Have fun picking out what you’re going to wear (or not wear) in the morning.

Since you guys seemed to love my last Style On A Budget post so much, I put together another budget look of one of my favorite outfits lately. The effect is the same, the only difference is a saving of approximately 3.000€ (which, if you ask me, I’d spend on a vacation somewhere warm right away). 

Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life

1 & OTHER STORIES double gold necklace:
Layering is key! The more, the merrier.

2 MANGO classic black coat: (for AT here)
Shouldn’t be missing in anyone’s closet.

3 MANGO classic flap bag with gold details: (for AT here)
This one is very much Saint Laurent and Chanel inspired. It’s a timeless piece that will work with countless outfits. I personally love the chain details.

4 ZARA Guipure lace blouse:
One of the recent additions to my closet. I can’t help it, but I just love this kind of blouses. There’s already a few of them in my closet, but I’m falling for them again and again.

5 BRONX studded cowboy boots:
I’m not gonna lie – I love my Chloé Susanna boots to bits, but the price tag it comes with is quite ridiculous. There are lots of look-alikes available that will give you the same style, without burning a hole in your wallet.

6 TOPSHOP Mom Jeans:
Those jeans are a #lovedailydose favorite and were recommended to me by both Vicky and Kathi. I have a pair of those myself and love wearing them – best value for money!

Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life Style On A Budget Vol. 2 | You Rock My Life

Shop the post:

& OTHER STORIES necklace (25€) vs. ANNA necklaces (from 220€)

MANGO coat (60€) vs. SANDRO PARIS coat (old) (300€)

MANGO bag (30€) vs. SAINT LAURENT bag (1.690€)

 BRONX boots (120€) vs. CHLOÉ boots (975€)

 TOPSHOP jeans (55€) vs. CLOSED jeans (139€)