Outfit: Chic meets comfy – pleated skirt and sneakers

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since we’ve been in beautiful Stockholm! Due to some technical problems (new camera, lightroom not available for new file format, editing of photos not possible… big drama!) I’m way behind with my Stockholm travel guide and showing you guys some impressions of this amazing city… But I’m kicking it off today with an outfit we shot in the streets of Stockholm.

I think if elegance and comfort had a baby, it would look like this outfit. I felt so inspired by all the gorgeous Swedish girls. And yes, the cliché is true: so many babes up there! They are mixing and matching styles, combining elegant pieces with comfy items and casually wearing their sneakers to literally any outfit.
Since we explored Stockholm by foot and walked over 10k every day, I thought it was the perfect time to invest in some new sneakers. I’ve wanted classic black sneakers for quite a while now and immediately fancied this version without the signature swoosh on them. Paired with a silky pleated skirt and the most comfortable logo sweater ever, this made the perfect outfit for a full day of exploring the streets of Stockholm. If it wasn’t for my brown hair, I almost felt like a true swedish girl.

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MARC O’POLO – logo sweater

ZARA – pleated skirt

NIKE – Huarache sneakers

VALENTINO – medium lock bag

*in friendly cooperation with Marc O’Polo