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Hi, my name is Nina and I’m the kind of girl who’s more afraid of the hair dresser than of the dentist. It’s super embarrassing, but going to the hair dresser is a big deal for me. I’ve worn my hair long for ages and never thought of cutting it any shorter, until last year I was somehow really bored of my never changing style and decided to go for a clavi cut. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to get rid of my long hair! It felt so fresh and light and all I could think of was why I didn’t cut if off any earlier. I started curling my hair again (because shorter hair is just so much easier to style) and stopped wearing it in a bun for most of the time. A very small step for human nature, indeed a big step for me. Ever since then my hair-dresser-phobia got a bit better, because until then I was worried about any additional centimeter the hair dresser would cut off too much. Nevertheless, I’m still not very enthusiastic about hair appointments, but I did get a bit more experimental with my hair. This time around I wanted to play with my hair color and decided to go for the so called “Balayage” technique. My hair dresser did a great job and really impressed me with the result. It turned out better than I could have wished! She also used a super new product from the US on my hair which is called Olaplex. It’s like a “Color Service Upgrade” and makes the hair stronger, healthier, and the color last longer. It relinks the bonds that are broken during a chemical service and strengthens the hair immediately. Since the Balayge technique implies your hair gets lighter at the ends, it basically means it’s bleached. Therefor it’s quite likely to feel dry afterwards. Olaplex made a huge difference in the health of my hair and I can highly recommend it if you’re thinking about getting some highlights, balayage or ombré  for your hair. If you need some more inspiration for your next hair appointment make sure to check out my Pinterest board “H A I R”.

HAIR_1080px--2 HAIR_1080px--3 HAIR_1080px--4 HAIR_1080px--5 HAIR_1080px--6 HAIR_1080px--7 HAIR_1080px--8 HAIR_1080px--9 HAIR_1080px--10 HAIR_1080px--11 HAIR_1080px--12 HAIR_1080px--13 HAIR_1080px--14 HAIR_1080px-You can get the Olaplex Treatment here if you live in Salzburg.

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  • Reply
    13. July 2016 at 10:02

    soooo schön!!

    wie bekommst du denn deine Locken so toll hin?
    Lockenstab nehm ich an 😉 gibt’s hier ein tutorial von dir?! bitte hihi
    Ich bekomm das nie nie nie so hin.


    • Reply
      Nina Wro
      28. July 2016 at 12:37

      Liebe Bine,

      danke für das liebe Kompliment! Auf den Fotos komm ich gerade direkt vom Frisör – sie haben die Locken mit einem Lockenstab gemacht… sieht immer so super easy aus, wenn die das machen. Selbst bekomm ich es leider auch nicht gaaaanz so toll hin, aber werd mir das Locken Tutorial gerne auf meine Blogpost Liste schreiben 🙂 Danke für den Input!

      xo, Nina

  • Reply
    17. March 2017 at 5:34

    Hallo Nina! Sieht wirklich toll aus! 🙂 Darf ich fragen, wer in Salzburg der Friseur deines Vertrauens ist?
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Reply
      Nina Wro
      17. March 2017 at 23:44

      Hi Kristina! Vielen Dank! Ich war letztens bei Glanz – Hair und Beauty Lounge bei Denis und war super happy mit dem Ergebnis! Kann ich sehr empfehlen 🙂

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